Top Most Fun activities to do in New York

Fun activities to do in New York

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NYC is always fun, but eventually, people tend to miss out on some of the best things in NYC. The fun activities in New York can bring out that crazy kid from you. There are so many adventurous places that will excite you. The experience will be surreal. Only in few places a person will feel alive.  So, it will be new and you will get excited when you visit here.

Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink is located in the south of Central Park, Manhattan, NYC. This is an ice skating place for the public. People who are crazy about ice skating can visit this place and enjoy themselves. This place will give you a surreal experience. In NYC, usually  Christmas is magical, likewise at Wollman Rink. The place is right for you if you’re an adventurous person. Therefore, this place will give you positive vibes. I would suggest you visit here at night as the lights and the view will be attractive.

Chelsea Piers 

Chelsea Piers is located in the western side of Manhattan, NYC. It covers an area of 20acres. They offer a lot of sports leagues and other instructional programs. A sportsperson must visit this place for sure, therefore they may  conduct many other private and public events. It has Skating school, Ice hockey, Sky Rink, Golf club, Fitness center etc.  

Heckscher Playground

Heckscher Playground is a play area. It is located in Central Park, NYC it is one of the biggest and oldest playgrounds. This place is named after philanthropist August Heckscher. Parents should take their kids to this place. They will love this place and enjoy it a lot. There will also be some places where you need to climb, therefore it is a place where the entire family can visit on a weekend and spend some adventurous time together.

Imagination Playground  

This is another innovative playground in NYC which is built with some new ideas exclusively for kids. The blue blocks here is where the kids will be allowed to play. This will help kids use their creative minds. Here there will be a trained play associate. He will be friendly towards the kids. Especially in summer, the kids will be allowed to play with the water.

The Escape Game

This an adventure game for 60 minutes. This will be a team game. There will be a lot of themes. According to the chosen theme, you and your team will be sent into an environment. After the time starts, you need to complete the task. In case of prison-based, you will have to break it and come out. If it is a treasure theme, you need to find the treasure. These are more like mind games. 

Clue Chase

NYC’s largest escape game center is Clue Chase. It’s a mission-based play style, the puzzles are well crafted. The set is built by the original film and TV set designers. The puzzles will be challenging to solve.Therefore, it is a great place to visit with friends and family. Besides fun, this also requires skill to play. This will give you that adrenaline rush. Thanks Again to Lia at Clinic Wellness Check them out here

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