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Best Places to Visit in the USA in May 2021

Places to Visit in the USA

New Orleans

One of the best places to visit in the USA is New Orleans, a town with a soul. It’s visible a few difficult times. However, it lives on with a zest for existence unrivaled through maximum locations.

 It has a wealthy and lengthy record and is full of delicious French-stimulated Creole and Cajun food, jazz music.

 Also road performers, and an appreciation for all of the temptations of lifestyles. Life is lived properly right here withinside the Big Easy. 

You don’t come right here to relax – you return back right here to indulge! In my opinion, New Orleans is one of the most eclectic and colourful towns withinside the United States.

Redwood National Park

Along the Pacific Coast is Redwood National Park, a massive expanse of massive redwood timber full of picnic areas. Also, believed to be one of the most magical places to visit in the USA.

Trails variety from clean to strenuous, and there are numerous loops that head out to close by beaches. It’s totally beautiful, awe-inspiring, and humbling in each way. It’s a should for all and sundry road-tripping round California.

The mile-excessive metropolis, Denver has a combination of out of doors ruggedness and big-metropolis living. 

It has a big craft beer scene, great eating places (including Sushi). A huge global airport with plenty of connections, and proximity to the mountains (and the Republic of Boulder). 

It’s clean, and the locals are especially friendly. There are few towns withinside the US I need to stay in. However people love Denver sufficiently to mention that it’s one in every of them.


I became maximum amazed at the aid of using this Mississippi metropolis. I didn’t understand whatever approximately it, however, Natchez changed into advocated as an area to peer ancient 19th-century homes. As cotton has become king, the homes have become ever larger and more elaborate.

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a phenomenon in which there’s a look of streams. Also helices of purple and inexperienced colours withinside the sky. 

This impact is as a result of the interplay of charged debris once they input the robust magnetic area of the earth. They begin experiencing a pressure of torque. Few of the excellent locations to go to withinside the USA wherein you could see the Northern Lights are stated herewith.

Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas

The Hamilton Pool keep is a herbal pool cum nature keep positioned in Texas withinside the USA. It is a scenic swimming pool in a herbal backdrop beneath a waterfall located in a canyon.

 This area gives one of the maximum uncommon swimming reports you may discover. Wherein you swim in this round area in the canyon. It is shaded at the pinnacle through rock outgrowths, which function as a ceiling. 

Apart from swimming withinside the herbal environment, there are different matters to discover too. For example, the hold is domestic to numerous uncommon species of flora.…

Top Most Fun activities to do in New York

Fun activities to do in New York

My Friend the owner at clinic wellness- Mobile Iv Therapy Los Angeles actually helped to curate this list.

NYC is always fun, but eventually, people tend to miss out on some of the best things in NYC. The fun activities in New York can bring out that crazy kid from you. There are so many adventurous places that will excite you. The experience will be surreal. Only in few places a person will feel alive.  So, it will be new and you will get excited when you visit here.

Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink is located in the south of Central Park, Manhattan, NYC. This is an ice skating place for the public. People who are crazy about ice skating can visit this place and enjoy themselves. This place will give you a surreal experience. In NYC, usually  Christmas is magical, likewise at Wollman Rink. The place is right for you if you’re an adventurous person. Therefore, this place will give you positive vibes. I would suggest you visit here at night as the lights and the view will be attractive.

Chelsea Piers 

Chelsea Piers is located in the western side of Manhattan, NYC. It covers an area of 20acres. They offer a lot of sports leagues and other instructional programs. A sportsperson must visit this place for sure, therefore they may  conduct many other private and public events. It has Skating school, Ice hockey, Sky Rink, Golf club, Fitness center etc.  

Heckscher Playground

Heckscher Playground is a play area. It is located in Central Park, NYC it is one of the biggest and oldest playgrounds. This place is named after philanthropist August Heckscher. Parents should take their kids to this place. They will love this place and enjoy it a lot. There will also be some places where you need to climb, therefore it is a place where the entire family can visit on a weekend and spend some adventurous time together.

Imagination Playground  

This is another innovative playground in NYC which is built with some new ideas exclusively for kids. The blue blocks here is where the kids will be allowed to play. This will help kids use their creative minds. Here there will be a trained play associate. He will be friendly towards the kids. Especially in summer, the kids will be allowed to play with the water.

The Escape Game

This an adventure game for 60 minutes. This will be a team game. There will be a lot of themes. According to the chosen theme, you and your team will be sent into an environment. After the time starts, you need to complete the task. In case of prison-based, you will have to break it and come out. If it is a treasure theme, you need to find the treasure. These are more like mind games. 

Clue Chase

NYC’s largest escape game center is Clue Chase. It’s a mission-based play style, the puzzles are well crafted. The set is built by the original film and TV set designers. The puzzles will be challenging to solve.Therefore, it is a great place to visit with friends and family. Besides fun, this also requires skill to play. This will give you that adrenaline rush. Thanks Again to Lia at Clinic Wellness Check them out here

5 Best Wedding Destinations in the United States

Wedding are supposed to be the most spectacular and special time of a couple’s life! Everyone wants their wedding to stand out and be so special that you remember it for the rest of the life! The United States of America has some of the best wedding destinations that you and your beloved would really enjoy!

wedding destination in the USA

Here is a list of the best Wedding Destinations in the USA!

Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay is a place with all kinds of sceneries sandy beaches, sensational wines, awesome food and outdoor activities. The months September and October are great here and May and June are just as gorgeous. The famous vineyards and wineries here would be a visit for your adult guests. There are also beaches, mountain biking and a lot more. Some of the most beautiful spots for a wedding are Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyards with a great outdoor spot and The Ritz-Carlton with its luxurious indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces.


Maine, natural beauty with a windy coastline and several national parks. It has a lot of antique stores, roadside diners and art museums. Septembers are the best times to get married in Maine. Guests can enjoy water sports like kayaking here, nature lovers can go hiking near Acadia National Park and culture and art lovers can go to the Farnsworth Art Museum. The best places to get married in Maine are Spruce Points Inn with green lawns and gardens and Hidden Pond with beautifully decorated rooms and cottages.


Massachusetts is an elegant pace with yacht clubs, resorts, gardens and lakes. It is a place where you can have an elegant and private wedding. Guests can fun later sight-seeing at places like Tanglewood Music Centre, Freedom Trail and a lot more. Some of the best places to have a wedding in Massachusetts are Wheatleigh, Lenox with its royal service and fancy staircase and Winnetu Oceanside Resort, Edgartown with the seaside location and custom reception.

New York City

New York City – the city of museums, galleries and also fun nightlife, resorts and an array of caterers, florists, and photographers to choose from. Guests can have fun shopping, going to museums, having fun at night clubs and cafes. The best spots to get married are Mandarin Oriental with a spectacular ballroom and the St. Regis Hotel with its variety of banquets.

Aspen, Colorado

The perfect combination of natural beauty, charm and mountains – Aspen! It is full of high-end restaurants and can thrill any outdoor enthusiast with its valleys! Aspen is literally a wedding wonderland; couples find it gorgeous for winter weddings. Guests have fun performing outdoor activities like paragliding, cycling, horseback riding. They also have a lot of nightlife options! The best places to have a wedding in Aspen, Colorado are Hotel Jerome with its garden terrace and The Little Nell, being at the base of Aspen Mountain. There you have it, the best destinations in the United States of America to get married. The best destination, the best wedding, and the best memories made all in one place!…

Best vacation destinations for couples in the USA

Whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a romantic escape – Traveling to romantic places is always the right choice! It keeps the romance alive with a hint of adventure added to it! You get to know your other half better or just chill with the lovely vibes around you!

best couple destinations in USA

Here are some places perfect for your lovers’ retreat!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you or your other half is an art buff, Santa Fe in New Mexico is the right place for you! It is a place filled with architectural style found nowhere else and is alive on its own! It has the best restaurants that serve authentic Southwestern fare! You could take a lovely stroll through the markets and look at folk art, or stop to admire Chapel Loretto’s mysterious spiral staircase. And conclude the journey at Meow Wolf, the art exhibition while reconnecting with your inner child!

Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you planning a luxury vacation with your beloved? Scottsdale, Arizona is the place for you! This is a place with resorts, spas, golf, museums, and top-notch restaurants! It is a great place to relax and also indulge yourself in rom-com level grand gestures – an early morning hot air balloon ride over the Superstition Mountains is the grand gesture anyone would fall for!

Scottsdale, Arizona

Do you want to spend your time in a historic place with mansions and squares? Savannah, Georgia is the place for you history buffs! It is a charming place with mansions, historic squares, and the magnificent Forsyth Park. You could enjoy River Street with authentic Southern cuisine at riverside restaurants and shop for souvenirs. You could also take a ghost tour if you are into it and have a spooky, lovely vacation!

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills, Ohio – a place where you enjoy the best nature has to offer! It is a beautiful place with cliffs, waterfalls, forests and more beautiful destinations. You could go to the Ash Cave and Old Man’s Falls! You could go for a travel guide at High Rock Adventures or you could just go for luxury nights with cozy fireplaces!

Big Sur, California

The mountains of Big Sur, California are ideal for a romantic venture! You have to visit the bucket list item place – Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park with the most photographed waterfall! You could also stay and relax at Big Sur where you could indulge in workshops and tours!

Charleston, South California

Charleston, South California – your historic dreams and your Bridgerton fantasies come true here! It is full of historic mansions, majestic oaks, and just an amazing feeling! You could go to a park for a picnic and look at the 500-year-old Angel Oak Tree. You could enjoy the Southern cuisine at Bowen’s Island near Folly Beach or just go seashell picking at Shell Island!

There you have it, places to visit with your loved ones to get rid of all the boredom and embrace the love in the air! You could personalize your tour according to your beloved’s likings or make a grand gesture for your other half!…

Top Strategies To Be Productive When You Travel & Work Remotely

If you are a digital nomad, you know how sometimes it can be difficult to travel and work simultaneously. Traveling is an exciting experience. And now, thanks to technology, there are jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. 

However, it’s never easy to concentrate on doing your work when you travel for your vacation. The temptation to spend your time doing other activities is very high. And you need a high level of discipline to manage to work. 

But this shouldn’t be difficult. You can easily manage to do your work and enjoy the vacation at the same time. 

But the question is, how do you do that? 

This article will share with you top strategies that you can apply to be productive when you travel and work at the same time. Use these strategies, and you’ll enjoy every moment. 

  • First, Plan Your Schedule 

If you ever want to achieve anything good from your travel, a lot of time should go into your planning. Spending time to plan how you wish to do everything when you travel is critical because this is the first thing that matters. 

The same should apply to your travel. Before you could pack and go for the trip, plan everything. Have a clear schedule of every activity you must do. 

In your planning, determine when you will work and when you will spend time doing other stuff like exploring the destination. One major thing to do in your planning is set a clear schedule of what must be done. Set a clear plan depending on the amount of work that must be done. 

Most importantly, remember work is the priority. So, schedule enough time to complete it. Otherwise, you might lose it and regret it later. 

  • Understand The Nature Of Your Work 

Working remotely seems fun until you underestimate your work. So, even before you could travel to your destination, first understand the kind of work you are required to do. Find out if it’s work you can manage when you travel. Don’t stress yourself out with work that’s difficult to manage. 

And once you have done everything right and you understand the nature of your work, everything else will be easy and perfect. 

  • Job Critical Requirements Evaluation

What do you really require to accomplish the work? This is the first question you should answer. Most remote jobs will require you to be connected to the internet. This means you must have electric power and an internet connection. Once you have decided this, then plan your vacation and go to destinations that would make it easy for you to work. 

This requires you to do prior research before traveling. And once you find your destination has everything you will need, you will have no option other than travel. 

Parting Shot 

As you travel and work, you first need to determine your travel goals. The next thing would be to plan a trip that can give you work and trip balance.